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Becoming an LMFT

Licensure Information & Resources

MAMFT is the professional home for MFTs and relational healers in MN and is DIFFERENT from the regulatory board which regulates/licenses MFTs in MN.  Below is some information on the licensure process, but please defer to the MN MFT Regulatory Board for the most up-to-date and comprehensive information.  You might also find the information on MFT-License helpful.

MFT Licensure in Minnesota is a 4-Step Process:

1) Graduate-Level Education

Those interested in MFT licensure should check with their school of choice to determine if it is COAMFTE-accredited. If it is, your coursework satisfies MN licensure requirements. If it is not, equivalency requirements are set forth in Minnesota Administrative Rule 5300.0140

Questions to Ask a Potential Practicum Site

2) National Exam

National Exam Prep Courses offered in MN (not endorsed by MAMFT):

Mark Anderson’s MFT Exam Prep

Lucas Volini’s MFT Licensing Exam

Do you know of others?  Please let us know at

3) Post-graduate supervised hours

Questions to Ask a Potential Supervisor

4) State Exam

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