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Apply for MAMFT Membership

Thank you for your interest in MAMFT Membership!

New Members

To apply for a  membership, please select the membership category that represents your highest clinical achievement. 

Never been a member of MAMFT?  First-time members can receive a prorated rate by using the coupon code “NEWMEMBER”  when applying. 

See member benefits here!

Membership Renewals

*Memberships are renewed annually starting on the 1st of the year.  Membership renewals are not prorated.

If you don't need to change your membership level and you'd like to renew early, or make changes to your profile (including annual donation amounts), you can log into your member profile

*If you are a Student, Pre-Clinical or Pre-Affiliate Member who needs to CHANGE your membership level for 2023, please  login to your profile and click the Change link to switch levels and pay the 2023 membership fees.

All members are on the same calendar cycle, from Jan 1-Dec 31 of each year.  Renew early in 2023 to maximize your member benefits

Pay What You Can Membership

PWYCM is no longer available at this time. It will be available again on January 1st, 2024. 

More information about PWYCM: This can be used for new and renewing memberships. All relational therapists who are experiencing financial hardship may request for a reduced rate. There will be no documentation of wages needed to use PWYCM. There will be no questions asked of why anyone is requesting this option. For guidance on how much to pay, it is suggested that relational therapists pay what they make hourly. 

If relational therapists are experiencing any of the following, they are encouraged to use PWYCM (this list is not exhaustive):

    • Have limited income and work

    • Have several dependents

    • Are undocumented

    • Have high medical or other survival expenses and debt

    • Have no generational wealth due to historical trauma and have little to no disposable income left after your living expenses are paid

    • Are eligible for public assistance

Membership Categories

Clinical Member

Fully licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

2023 Dues:


Affiliate Member

Fully licensed clinician in another mental health field

2023 Dues:


Associate Member

Interested in marriage and family therapy but not in graduate school, not licensed, and not working toward MFT or other mental health licensure.

2023 Dues:


Pre-Clinical Member

Working towards full MFT licensure (no longer a student)

2023 Dues:


Pre-Affiliate Member

Working towards full licensure in a different mental health field (no longer a student)

2023 Dues:



Enrolled in a master’s or post-degree program and not working on licensure hours

2023 Dues:


If you are not currently practicing due to a medical condition, you can apply for the Medical Status membership rate of $10.  Please email

If you are no longer practicing due to retirement, you can renew at the Retirement Status membership rate of $25.  Please email

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