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Voting Open for Bylaws and MAMFT Board Members

October 08, 2021 11:39 AM | Anonymous

MAMFT Bylaws Update

MAMFT’s board received lots of feedback from members on the proposed revisions to MAMFT’s bylaws, as well as the proposed mission and vision statements. While many members expressed support for the proposed changes, we also received questions and constructive feedback. There were seven themes in the feedback. This month we will be featuring those themes, the responses to each theme, the changes we made based on feedback, and additional information we have, or will be providing to address specific concerns.

You can view the full list of themes and responses, as well as the updated bylaws and vision statement: https://mamft.net/pressroom/10976884

Voting is now live for these bylaws. Members can vote on these bylaws, as well as vote for board members at the link. https://mamft.net/October-2021-Voting

Go to link for responses: https://mamft.net/pressroom/10976884

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